insight on coming out!! really important!

Hi Guys!

I just watched the most important film I’ve watched all year called Coming Out Stories. Its a documentary made by Logo, the LGBT channel, and it follows several different people as they come out to the most important people in their lives. I was really glad I saw it and finally understood what my sister went through. I found the DVD for rental from this site -

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1) Name: Dominique
2) Age: 19
3) Location: Toledo, ohio
4) Birthday: may 17,1986
5) Height: 5'1"
6) Weight: 130
7) Sex: female
8) Sexual Orientation: pansexual
9) Single or Taken: taken by my boifriend
10) Eye Color: dark brown
11) Hair Color: brown and black
12) Skin Color: light brown
13) Heritage: african american
14) School/College Attending, if any: college drop-out
15) Job, if any: Kmart
16) Label Yourself: i can be anything, im kinda unique
17) Nicknames: domi
18) Do you like yourself? yea

Music~ neo-soul, soul, R&B, a little rap,some emo, alt, punk, folk, pop
Movies~ horror, comedy, drama, GBLT

~very into sex. Sometimes i LJ-cut it sometimes i dont
~I dont do quizzes or surveys to offten
~I love to dress up and take pics
~Im a part of a gay youth group
~im in love with a FtM pre-op lil boi
~i love the site butch-femme
~i dont eat meat, but its cool if you do just dont bad mouth me about it
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