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Name: Emma
Sex: female
Sexuality: gay
Birthdate: June 22, 1990
Age: 16
Location: Massachusetss

Favorite Bands or Artists [At least 5]: Girlyman, David Bowie, Beatles, Dar Williams, Aimee Mann, Antje Duvekot, Belle & Sebastian, Bright Eyes, Damien Rice, Fiona Apple, Elliott Smith, Jonatha Brooke, Juliana Hatfield, Magnetic Fields, Meg Hutchinson, Rufus Wainright, Sinéad O'Connor, Snow Patrol, Solas, The So and So's, Tegan and Sara, Tori Amos, T. Rex,
Favorite Computer Game [s]: Myst
Favorite Tv Show [s]: Tales of the City, Ultraviolet
Favorite Drink [s]: Mango Juice
Favorite Color[s]: Green
Favorite Food [s]: Pears, strawberries, cheeseburgers, rice, sushi, tomato soup,
Favorite Movie[s]: LotR, Life of Brian, Moulin Rouge, Labyrinth, Boys Don't Cry, Almost Normal, and most anime
Favorite Book [s]: any book by Tamora Pierce, Terry Pratchett, Amilia Atwater-Rhodes, Neil Gailman, JRR Tolkein, and Ursala Le Guin.

What do you think about..?:
God: I'm a pagan, so I believe in many gods and goddesses
The Truth: It exsists, as long as you can find it among all the shades of gray
Cutting: that there are much better ways to deal with whatever is bothering you
Abortion: I'm pro-choice
Adoption: that it's a good thing
Labels: Everyone unconciously labels people
Gay Marriage: I am very for this. I'm so happy that somday, I might be able to marry my partner
Penis [s]: I'd rather they were kept in the pants of their owners
Orange Juice: Sure?
Racism: I can't stand people who dislike/insult/injure people just because of that person's race
Vagina [s]: They are perfectly fine except when they start bleeding
Sexism: Pisses me off so much
Porn: I have nothing against people who watch it, I just don't
Cliques: I hate them. We have so many at our school. We even have cliques inside of cliques
AIM: Even though I hate how it is sucking my soul out, I'm on it almost 24/7
Breast Implants: Though I'm really self-concious about my breast size, I'm kind of against implants. Someone sticking stuff inside my breasts just kinda grosses me out

How you found this community?: searching livejournal
Are you out of the closet?: no
In a relationship?: no
Five words that describe you: loving, book-smart, musical, emotional, and outgoing
Two Crazy Facts About You: I want to double major in physics and theatre in college, and I'm thinkg of making myself wings and going flying

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