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Sexuality: bi
Birthdate:July 27
Age: 13, young yes I know. But trust me I act older than my age
Location: South Carolina

Favorite Bands or Artists [At least 5]: Garbage, Hinder, AFI, Katy Rose, Fefe Dobson, Alanis Morissette, Emery
Favorite Computer Game [s]: Sims 2
Favorite Tv Show [s]: Buffy, Twilight Zone, L word, Law and Order SVU, and Monk
Favorite Drink [s]: Tea
Favorite Color[s]: Black and blue
Favorite Food [s]: Subway
Favorite Movie[s]: White Oleander, Loser, Finding Nemo, and Thirteen
Favorite Book [s]: The watch, Demon in my View, Impress of the World

What do you think about..?:
God: belive in God. But I kinda think the Bible shouldn't be believed on all of the things it says. I mean it was written by man. I just believe in the basic princable of Christianity: That christ is real and jesus died for us and we should be good to each other and try to live a good life.
The Truth:If your honest with me then I'll return the favor.
Cutting: Um...I don't really like it. But I do get that some people are put in the position where they feel it's the only thing they can do or whatever. Obviously I've never been in that positioin so I don't have a right to say anything.
Abortion: I believe it should be approved. If you don't agree with it then just don't get an abortion but I think women should have the right to chose. I don't think a child should have to suffer for the parent's choices.
Adoption: It's good
Labels: Don't really care for them. And they're overused
Gay Marriage: Should be approved.
Penis [s]: Not a big fan of them.
Orange Juice: Orange Juice is awesome.
Racism: Don't like it. I think everyone should just learn tolerance and to shut their mouths.
Vagina [s]: ...are nice
Sexism: Annoying as hell.
Porn: I don't watch it but hey whatever floats your boat.
Cliques: Form of security for the people in them. I like them at times.
AIM: I hate chatspeak. Or whatever "lYke oMg" is.
Breast Implants: Whatever floats your boat.

How you found this community?:
I was looking for the movie Thirteen
Are you out of the closet?: To a couple people. My mom and most of my friends.
In a relationship?: Not at the moment.
Five words that describe you: bookworm, dorky, happy, semioutgoing, curious
Two Crazy Facts About You:...

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