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Hey everybody!! ^.^

tweaked it a bit

Name: Claire
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Not positive yet, but I'm leaning towards bisexual.
Birth date: 4-24-92
Age: 14
Location: On my ass ^.^

Favorite Bands or Artists [At least 5]: Red Hot Chili Peppers, anything else really
Favorite Computer Game [s]: Sims 2
Favorite TV Show [s]: SUPERNATURAL!!! X-Files
Favorite Drink [s]: water or Tim Horton’s iced caps yummm ^.^
Favorite Color[s]: green
Favorite Food [s]: mac and cheese ^.^
Favorite Movie[s]: Clue, Never Ending Story
Favorite Book [s]: Luna, Keeping You a Secret, Anything by Julie Anne Peters, Harry Potter, Chocolate Wars, You Don't Know Me, Anything really... [feel free to suggest a book to me ^.^ reading is what i do best!]

What do you think about..?:
God: He's watching over us
The Truth: It's Out There
Cutting: It scares me, im not sure how people can do that to themselves :(
Abortion: SICK
Adoption: Everyone needs a home
Labels: are unneeded
Gay Marriage: its unfair that only males and females can merry each other! [well, in most states anyway] what happened to equal rights?
Penis [s]:EW! Boys are icky XD
Orange Juice: Pulp? Nasty! But Vitamin C is good for you!
Racism: WRONG
Vagina [s]: EW![haha i'm immature! ^.^] why do people shave them though?
Sexism: Sick
Porn: SICKER THAN SICK...well...kiddie porn is anyway. As long as it's legal I guess...
Cliques: very unneeded...can't we all just get along?
AIM: my link to most people hahaha
Breast Implants: people should just be happy with what they have...

How you found this community?: through my interests
Are you out of the closet?: well sorta, to a few sister and a few friends
In a relationship?: i wish
Five words that describe you: Random, Funny, Weird, Creative, Me
Two Crazy Facts About You: I think in story format, I love power rangers ^.^

(my friend but make up on my when she found out I didn't own any of my own makeup)

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